Monitoring the details to optimize the virtual platform

Without correct monitoring no one knows what is going on in the platform. It is practically impossible to know the health of an environment if there is no monitoring solution in place that enables determining in detail how the devices are functioning. With correct monitoring it is not only possible to have a centralized alert system, but it is also possible to be proactive for preventing future problems.

At Vector we have different monitoring systems that we use according to the scope and platform type, although all of them are concentrated in a single point, which is the one we provide our customers as a control element. Besides our monitoring service solutions, we also carry out On Premise installations.

The model we provide our customers with is based on Nagios, which is adapted to their needs. Implementing the service model requires installing a virtual machine on the customer's system. This enables sending notices to a central node that treats the information and sends it to the user in a visual format.