Management of financial management

Office, ATMs and commerce POS

Financial Device Architecture

Vector's financial devices laboratory directly manages three technical laboratories related to the channel in which their products are implemented: offices, ATMs and business POS terminals.

  • Retail POS Customer: the business logic resides in the server. It is available to the most important manufacturers in the market in different terminal types. It provides flexibility and streamlining for implementing new services and can be used as a means of payment or for other added value services
  • Customer Chip&Pinsign: a multimedia PINPAD with signature capturing capacity. The solution is certified by the most important manufacturers in the market. It can work on its own or be managed by another machine. It is easy to integrate in the solution of the end customer.
  • Financial printers: PLQ-20M, PR2e, PR2D2, 4915xe, SP40
  • Cash handlers: TCR (Teller Cash Recycler ) and TCD: Teller Cash Dispenser
  • Digital Signature: MX-880, ISC 350; STU 520
  • Digital Biometric: fingerprint, fingerprint/ finger vein, veins on the palm of the hand.



Other Complementary Business Areas