ATM and self-service

Real self-service that offers customers added value

Intelligent self-service

The ATM is a reference for some of the most demanding markets in the world. It applies a real self-service concept that makes it possible to shorten queues in bank branch offices and offers customers an added value, with operations such as intelligent cash and cheque deposits, quick balances, different levels of personalization and a very advanced usability function that has been specifically designed for this channel.
The solution is completely personalized and adapted to each customer. It enables integrating different systems of cards and backends, providing a true self-service channel. Because its design and implementation are based on standards, it is compatible with ATM and self-service terminals of different manufacturers.


The Vector solution concentrates everything related to the ATM business channels in J2EE application servers, enabling immediate and simultaneous network upgrading. We install an ADH subsystem in the ATMs known as SmartClient, which manages the web browser and allows it to interact with other devices (dispenser, printers, card readers, etc.). It also has a "supervisor" mode with maintenance and accounting regularization functions.


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